1st yr dating anniversary gifts

Every Savings Bond has a series of six-month rate periods that begin with the month in which the bond is issued.

Today’s Savings Bonds pay interest for 30 years, so they have 60 rate periods.

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This is most toxic of all feelings and we will do anything to avoid it – because shame is the opposite of love.“If you can’t tell me that, what hope is there for our marriage?” That’s the cry that I hear time and time again in my counselling office.However, it can easily backfire because we’ll do anything to avoid shame and feel better again – and in many cases, this will include your partner contacting the affair partner again (as he or she is someone who will understand, confirm he or she is ‘not a bad person’ and give a feel good boost of more cheap sex) People have affairs because they can’t communicate their unhappiness or a feeling of unfairness about their lot.They think there are only two options: put up and shut up or leave the relationship.These people literally go into a trance where nothing can touch them (at the time).

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