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You’re welcome to bring your picnic basket or cooler to the picnic area under our towering pine trees.Picnic tables await you, but due to fire considerations, no barbequeues or open flames are permitted.With the exception of guide dogs for the visually impaired, no dogs or other pets are permitted in the park.Tickets for park adminssion and train rides are available at the gate.Keep in mind that if you go it alone and something happens like the taxi/bus breaks down and you end up being late back to the ship it will not wait for you unless it is advised.On the other hand if it is a ship-booked tour there are no problems as they are in contact with the tour companies.Lisa Edwards Lisa provides an expertise in detailed planning of cruise packages, particularly for family groups.

There’s lots to do at Tiny Town, and one of the first things most people do is ride the train!

They are designed with the lowest instalments possible while still meeting the cruise line payment deadlines.

Also, there are no fees or late charges, while payments are always flexible to suit your own budget.

We can accomodate wheelchairs, walkers and similar mobility helpers on the platform for the boarding convenience of those who want to ride the train.

There is a gently sloping paved path from the entrance all the way down to the picnic and playground areas, so everyone can enjoy their day together.

Please don’t bring glass bottles — broken glass spoils the fun for everyone.

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