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Young people are increasingly exposed to an open and collaborative online culture, which allows them to access information, maintain friendships and relationships with family, and engage in creative content production (Collin, Rahilly, Richardson, & Third, 2011).Young people, however, are at a dynamic stage of development in which risk-taking behaviours and emerging decision-making capacities can lead to negative outcomes (Viner, 2005).An awareness of how to ensure safe practices online is an important skill for young people.While parental involvement in safe use of technology should start from a child's first use, parents continue to be a critical influence in ensuring that teenagers practice responsible digital citizenship and engage in online activities safely.What is known is that campaigns are most effective when they integrate information with training and skill acquisition.Websites, leaflets and other information-only resources may have a limited impact when delivered in isolation.

Some campaigns are delivered in collaboration with a wide variety of public and private agencies.While online safety is important for protecting children from dangerous and inappropriate websites and materials, this does not mean that parents should discourage their children from accessing the Internet.The challenge is to help children enjoy the benefits of going online while avoiding the risks (Raising Children Network, 2011).The Office of the Children’s e Safety Commissioner is an independent statutory office that was created by the.Australia’s first e Safety Commissioner, Alistair Mac Gibbon, commenced his role on 1 July 2015.Other risks for children include cyberbullying, stalking, or exposure to illicit materials.

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