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In the Legislature, she was a frequent advocate for victim's rights. Her brother spent 17 years in an Alaska prison for murder.

They eventually landed in Reedsport, where two of the four siblings graduated from high school -- Walker and her brother who ended up in prison.

She publicly criticized Kulongoski for appointing Goldschmidt to the state Board of Higher Education and accused him of protecting a child molester.

She pushed state agencies to retain public records longer and successfully sponsored a bill that banned secret settlements by state agencies after revelations that the state had hidden cases involving the sexual abuse of children at Oregon State Hospital.

In comments on Blue Oregon, a Democratic blog, about a post on Walker's appointment to the parole board, readers described her as brilliant, hard-working, temperamental and vindictive. Another described her as someone who voted "based on vendettas and grudges." She took on state agencies and helped bring down former Gov.

Neil Goldschmidt for sexually abusing a teenager three decades earlier.

With that background, Walker will juggle the claims before her from those convicted and those they harmed, leading the calls on who leaves prison and who stays.

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