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If they pass, the error marker on the input field is removed otherwise an error marker is set on that input field.

The error marker logic will use the and provided the custom validation suitable for that exceptional case.

Create an object of type Custom Error Handler, and register the Error Handler object with the SAXParser as shown here: Parses an XML document from an sax. The Input Source-based parse method is the preferred method because SAX parsers convert the input to Input Source no matter what the input type is. It is important to ensure that users input the correct type of data for each input field that exists in the form.This way, users won’t have to see validation error messages from the server about wrong inputs. I have encountered different forms of validation for text fields (Edit Text)loops through the supplied validation rules and tests each rule based on the input supplied in the input fields.If you want to check the entire code, it’s at this github repository.As a native mobile developer it is very important to keep your app safe when integrating an external API.The Input Source object is created with an Input Stream object created from the example XML schema document,

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