Aubrey drake graham and rihanna dating


The most famous instance was when he eviscerated Meek Mill in the summer of 2015.

Meek may have fired the first shot, but Drake responded with the equivalent of an atomic bomb, attacking the Philly rapper with two diss tracks in one week.

Drake, who has hardly shied away from rapping about his romances, appeared to reference the reports in a leaked one-minute clip of the song “Views from the 6,” the title track of his upcoming album.

The profanity-laden clip spoke at length of rekindling a relationship with an unnamed former love and included a brief soundbite of Rihanna speaking.

The Barbadian beauty, who performed in Israel for the first time last October, posted “#Free Palestine” on her Twitter account last month, later replacing it with a more conciliatory message that called for a swift end to the conflict.

Much has been written—by us—on the romantic stylings of one Aubrey “Drake” Graham.

Of course Drake, a man who has strippers at his Toronto compound in lieu of housekeepers, wasn’t alone for long.Like a particularly buff personal assistant, the rapper has proven to be as attentive as he is totally malleable—the perfect beta male accessory for any alpha female.When Drake was dating Serena Williams, he became an international presence on the sidelines, cheering on his boo on a consistent basis.For all of his bravado, Drake is more of an unrequited lover than a lothario.It would, for example, be extremely charitable to call his most famous dalliance, with pop goddess Rihanna, a “relationship.” At best, it was a casual dating scenario—at worst, Rihanna didn’t even realize that they were “together” until Drake shouted it from the proverbial rooftops at the VMAs.He indulged in the preppiest of styles, as if love could protect him against the inevitable “Drake with a sweater around his shoulders” memes.

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