Bella thorne and taylor lautner dating friendship dating intimacy


In preparation for it, the actor allegedly gained 30 pounds worth of muscle.Based on the second novel , it saw the return of most of the main cast members including Robert Pattison and Kristen Stewart as Edward Cullen and Bella Swan respectively.

While he was still in grade school, he attended a number of auditions; eventually, at the age of nine, he made his official debut in the television film, Although he himself had never heard of the series prior to the casting, his agent ultimately urged him to audition.

Although the movie garnered mixed reviews from viewers and critics, it managed to surpass its predecessor’s accomplishments, having grossed .1 million during its midnight opening; the film eventually earned over 0 million worldwide.

Having already risen to prominence with the previous films, Lautner’s fanbase only expanded with the release of .

The sixth highest earning film of 2012, it easily took number one at the box office; it also became the highest-grossing movie of the Twilight Saga franchise.

Based on the latter half of the Breaking Dawn novel, it centered around the Cullens as they gather other vampire clans to protect Bella’s child, Renesmee.

Created by Jason Smilovic, it chronicled the life of Edward Albright, an American secret agent who shares his body with his cover, Henry Spivey.

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