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There are a number of different searches you can run to find a list of sites/URLs that will give you the data you are looking for.For example, you can use some of these queries: By default, Google will display 10 search results.There are three ways I like to identify influential Twitter users.These methods are identifying: You may have different criteria which can be easily adapted into the various ways I explain how to actually get the data we need to identify the influencers.With content creation, one of the toughest parts of it is the actual promotion of it.Sure, you can post it on various social channels and hope you are reaching the right audience that will want to share it.We’ll then pair this data to a nifty script that will allow us to easily scrape the results. This free toolbar has a nice "Export SERP to CSV" function we will use.

However, with a quick modification to your search URL, we can get 100 results.I've also included a brief ( link on hers When you click on this you'll see a load of stuff (like below). This is just for people who know something called HTML and it's still fine to post your response if you don't.The lovely girls over at ( different blog designs and the comment links are different but keep an eye out for it: Grandad (a lovable but grumpy ould fella) has his down the bottom As does the very quirky and up to date Jazzbiscuit And Shane at Presenttense over at (the Irish Times website)And award winning political and equality blogger (and Michael Lynn fan) Maman Pouletand Twenty Majorand Sinéad Cochraneand so on - see, , like over at Sabrina Dent's beautifully designed blogand that's because bloggers like to get to know you, so to make sure you're not a machine (or worse, pretending to be someone you're not) they keep a comment in moderation.In fact, you can use a combination of these methods to pull some great results.While you more than likely use these tools for various purposes, I'll reveal how you can use them to gather the data we need to find true influential Twitter users.In fact, Linked In Groups are a great channel to utilize content for lead generation.

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