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It is believed that the stones originally touched each other, forming a perfect continuous circle.

Archaeologists uncovered evidence of burnings within the circle itself; perhaps this is indicative of ancient feasting or sacrificial rituals that may have occurred within.

The mound will have been covered with Earth or more stone, and is allegedly supposed to represent a symbolic entrance to the underworld.

Some archaeologists believe that the mound is situated on an earlier Stone Age site.

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During the 1000 years that the burial mound was in use, a popular type of ritual was in use known as the sky burial.

This complex is comprised of several different structures, the most interesting of which is called the Kingsmen, depicted here.

These standing stones are laid out in a perfect circle, ranging in height from just several inches to 7-8 feet high.

Local legend suggests that it is involved in dark rituals, and that it is best avoided at night.

The whole thing is comprised of two concentric circles and an inner burial mound, with a surrounding circular wall – the mound would originally have stood several meters high.

The O stone was considered a cure for all ailments, and was used in healing rituals where children were passed through the circular stone to cure diseases.

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