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From the suave older man Isaac, to a great-aunt with a no-nonsense attitude to old age, to the kindly Adam, who runs his Mercedes on vegetable oil and idolises his daughter, Finn is adept at creating memorable characters that act and speak in realistic ways.

Sex scenes, and Eva’s issues with intimacy, are also well handled.

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File Under: Science Fantasy [ Thriller | Society in Ruins | Fully Booked | New and Weird ] From the Paperback edition.Her estranged father died when she was five; her beloved brother Andrew killed himself when Eva was a teenager.Returning home to Dublin from New York after 11 years, Eva contemplates how alone she is: “Orphaned at 37.He told Shave Magazine, "We actually got [the marriage] annulled.We are still together but we got the marriage annulled just because we didn't ...opens with the funeral of Eva Perry’s mother, a bitter and cold-hearted woman who shunned her daughter from a young age.

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