Cam newton dating angela simmons a dating experiment by thom eberhardt


As of now, she is currently very happy with her new born baby and fiancée posting regularly on social sites showing her unconditional love for them. Her father was a co-founder of the popular group, Run-D. C., for which he became an international sensation.Moreover, she is the daughter of hip-hop sensation and legend Rev. She was born as a daughter of Joseph Simmons(father) and Valerie Vaughn (mother) on September 18, 1987. Her childhood was full of luxury and comfort due to the wealth and fame her father brought.

It seems that due to her pregnancy and birth, their marriage is postponed till she becomes fully healthy.She always has maintained a decent and admirable image in her entire career without attracting any rumors and controversy.Instead of attracting unwanted attention, she has worked day and night to achieve her dream and make everyone believe that she has no interest in becoming a controversial figure.We have a hard time believing “The hick from French Lick” was swirling it up and now has a black daughter. you end up on Maury with a DNA test and a couple of angry baby mamas.Angela, the famous editor of the mini monthly magazine, “Rundown,” was born on September 18, 1987, in the United States and her current age is 29. Her body measurements include her height, 165cm tall and weight is 58 kilo.Her magazine was targeted for the youths of age between 14-19, which included topics, related to teen, style, music and also, fashion that was shared within the magazine, Word Up.

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