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I was with those women for a few months and realized there wasn't the substance I needed. I realized that things didn't work out when I took a girl home on the first date.

I ended it the right way and as quickly as possible to save their feelings. I wanted substance with this girl and well I put off sleeping with her.

I actually gave my cowboy hat to her and promised I'd come get it She still talked to me afterward but, no more dates....

Funny, she still has my cowboy hat, maybe I should go get it?

For me personally I relize to find quality I have to produce quantity.

As in if I ask 10 girls out only 1 is going to say yes.

;)"You mention 90% response but you don't mention what type of response, lol Catchy lines are great if they're half way believable, I get some that are quite funny and we both know it's bull, but cute.

Lets see, from my experience most women don't know what they want.In fact, why don't you use a line that drew you to the person in the first place? There's nothing like trailer trash talk to get the mind humming..." Y'know? However, I'm learning the sappy profile are typically a ruse to get into my pants....Was it appearance, or did you read the profile and come across a common bond? Come to think of it - that's why you get responses - because gals like me defend their reasons to use online. Laughter is a good quality, it helps when you're getting to know someone.This one I used with moderate success."I was looking through all these profiles here on (INSERT SITE), thinking to myself look at all the poor, desperate, lonely women...and then I saw yours andthought to myself "Hey, here's a poor, desperate, lonely woman that's actually CUTE..."so I thought I'd write and see if you're as interesting on the inside as you are in this picture...I've tried ...w/some interesting success on other pay-for personals sites, but this is far more socially appealing to me. I didn't till I found this site's not due to my not having to deal w/ worms or the fishy smell (Let's not go there, OK?

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