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Coleby told TV Week that Charlie and Roman's first kiss is a "strange moment".The pair get off to a bad start because of a misunderstanding.In contrast, the Daily Star liked Charlie's image, which they branded "sexy", and the Daily Record praised her for the drama she creates.Anderson's portrayal of Charlie has seen her earn various award nominations, including the "Most Popular Personality on Australian Television" and "Most Popular Actress" Logie Awards.Charlie has received critical analysis through her storylines and persona and opinion has been mixed.Ruth Deller of Lowculture said Charlie had endured "scandalous-headline-grabbing-faux-lesbianity", whilst Holy Soap stated that she has a "questionable taste in men." Charlie has been ill-received by Jaci Stephen of the Daily Mail because of her on-off relationship with Angelo and Stephen regularly expresses her general dislike of the character in her column.

They complained that Home and Away had featured sexualised plotlines unsuitable for children, and Channel Seven was inundated with parental complaints stating that children should not be exposed to same-sex relationships in a family show.Broke narrow anus and poured the sperm from the eggs. The boy realized that the girl was ready and gently began to introduce his instrument into the mouth of the girl.The poor man had to be alert - otherwise the big guy the husband'll have his head for such things.Viewership declined after transmission of the storyline and producers cut scenes to attune to viewers' wishes, which outraged the LGBT community.The storyline came to a natural end and Anderson and executive producer Cameron Welsh praised the plot because it portrayed a real-life situation and denounced the conservative views as outdated.Anderson told The Sun that Angelo "surprises" Charlie by organising a starlit picnic for her.

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