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You’ve come to the conclusion that they’re an up-and-coming stand-up comedian, smartly skipping over their You Tube videos, because you want to be surprised — or at least not severely disappointed — before getting to know them a little better.

Here are some tips to get the most mileage out of your relationship with the person who makes you laugh way more than your ex (who was once lied to that they’re the funniest person in the office).

The half-hour series was created by Byron Allen through his production company Entertainment Studios (which also produces numerous other syndicated programs including Comics Unleashed and

(Or they’re just pretending that they )Undoubtedly the show will be way too long, and you’ll be awkwardly hit on from the stage by at least four of the 30 comedians doing a set that night because you sat in the front row and social cues be damned! Plus, if you laugh really hard at the jokes of someone who is better-looking than they are, they’ll notice and pretend to not be riddled with insecurity even though they’re the one who always brings it up whenever you two get into an argument.marathons…and what was that profile pic all about, anyway?Lemme guess: It was either a goofy candid integrating a prop, a wry professional headshot, or an i Phone snap of them holding a microphone on a darkened stage.Your uncle with undiagnosed Asperger’s will secretly watch a You Tube video of their most risqué performance and then loudly dictate it to your grandparents at the next holiday gathering.Please don’t ask them to do a few jokes on a stage at your parents’ anniversary party. Unless there’s a lot of money involved, in which case they’ll agree to do it enthusiastically while hating every second of it.Previously, she was the Senior Editor at Your Tango, where she also focused on dating and relationships.

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