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“I guess we are being put in our place after years of repressing women.

But I want to be viewed on my own merits, on what I do and how I treat people.” In the past few months, he finds he’s dating less and less, maybe going out once every couple of months, rather than once a week, like he was a year ago.

I’ve heard some horror stories from women about some of their dates,” said Chris Allen, 46, of Portland. Weinstein was accused of sexual misconduct by more than 80 women, including actresses he held power over, while C. was accused by five women of exposing himself or masturbating in front of them or over the phone.

“It’s helped me so much to understand what women go through.” FROM HOLLYWOOD TO THE WHOLE COUNTRY While “Me Too” was first used as a way for women to promote awareness of sexual assaults or harassment nearly a decade ago, it became a widespread term last October, after a series of shocking accusations against powerful entertainment figures, including movie producer Harvey Weinstein, comedian Louis C. Many other allegations against powerful men were made public around the same time, ranging from verbal harassment to rape.

“The anonymity on dating apps allows people to push and test somebody, by saying something offensive, and I don’t think that’s changed” since the #Me Too movement began, said Karen Goodwin, 47, of Saco.

“Sometimes they seem to be having a normal back-and-forth with you, and then they want your number, and then you get texts asking for pictures.” A little more than a decade ago, dating apps were basically nonexistent.

Ready or not, a powerful social imperative asks everyone to evolve.The #Me Too movement has been criticized by some as using a witch-hunt mentality to create distrust toward all men.Robert Kamilewicz, a 36-year-old firefighter from South Portland, said he’s definitely felt that distrust on dates in recent months.He says that he’s just “being a nice guy” when he pays for a date’s dinner, but increasingly he feels that women are suspicious about his intentions.“I just had a woman tell me, ‘I really like you, and you’re super nice, but I always feel like I owe you sex,’ ” said Kamilewicz, who has been divorced about 10 years and was in a long-term relationship for more than three years afterward.They’re quick and easy, and allow people to browse pictures and basic facts about dozens of nearby singles without leaving their couch.

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