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The old 1950’s American-made cars rumble by us, but they aren’t exactly like the ones in pictures.Most are beat-up, rusted, and loud, but they are still so sexy and filled with men and women cruising with the windows down.As my journey unfolds, I find the city to be a living testament of its history and ideals, and I meet a proud people who have the strength to overcome obstacles that the modern-day traveler may not realize still exist.I am able to visit Cuba because of loosened travel restrictions on citizens of the USA thanks to a recent change in policy encouraged by President Barack Obama.Now, tour companies are allowed to operate in the island nation as long as they are licensed through the juggernaut education-based travel program called People to People.

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It was here too, though a little older now, in 1519 when the Spanish first established a settlement.The company handled every little detail of the trip.Having all the correct documents is especially nerve-wracking for Americans visiting Cuba.And as she reached toward the heavens, so did a city.Becoming resilient and strong, prosperous and wealthy, devout and ideological—she soon had a home overlooking churches and plazas, statues and mansions that rivaled those of Europe.Once through the doors, we are escorted into a flickering neon-lit room filled with guards. Only one person in my group is taken aside for further questioning (this is routine), but he rejoins us a few minutes later.

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