Cybersex chats no user or memberships


I lost my mind in such a short time that I could not function at work or home.

It took all I could do hold up a straight face among my coworkers and family. My mind filled with dark and hurtful images, including bestiality.

Increasingly today, you can access the Internet in one form or another not only through the traditional stationary home and work computer, but from anywhere in the world via laptop computer, PDA, cell phone, and portable digital music/video player.

Any airport waiting area, hotel, or coffee shop with a Wi-Fi hotspot offers the ability to get online and download images and information from a remote location.

He has caught me on more than one occasion viewing pornography.

He knows it is wrong and that I am wrong to be involved in it.

My teenage son found my porn stash one day on the computer and began “collecting” it for himself.

What is it about computer sex that can make it so powerful and addicting? Alvin Cooper, a cybersex addiction expert, reported that the intensity and lure of the Internet are powered by “A Triple A Engine,” that is, Accessibility, Affordability, and Anonymity of the Internet.

Accessibility With more and more people gaining access to the Web daily, Internet access has grown to hundreds of millions of people.

Keep in mind that it's up to you to keep your personal life private, do not ever give out your real name, address, phone number or other personal information to other members.

With personal stories from porn addicts and significant others, professionals Robert Weiss and Jennifer Schneider offer direction, understanding, and hope to anyone sturggling with the devastating effects of porn and sexual betrayal on intimacy, relationships, family, career, and self respect. Approximately 1 percent of those identified as “cybersex addicts” in a follow-up analysis reported a lengthy history of sexual acting out (compulsive sexual activities) and sexually addictive behaviors such as anonymous sex, sex with prostitutes, and compulsive masturbation, that long preceded their discovery of sex on the Internet.

My son and I have kept the secret of our online porn use from his mother, my wife. Having made it through a rough and impoverished childhood, which she had decided to just “put behind,” she was pleased finally to have a peaceful and stable family of her own.

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