Daniel radcliffe dating drag queen


'Just because it would be an excuse to wear loads of eye make-up.' Radcliffe, who has spent eight years playing Harry Potter, is soon to start a run of Equus on Broadway, New York.

The actor hung out at the beach in Hawaii this week and showed the public some VPL (very pretty lips) and more! actors American Idol Anderson Cooper Beyoncé Big Brother Britney Spears civil rights comedy dating apps Drag Race homophobia horror hung James Franco Jimmy Kimmel Justin Bieber Kanye West Kardashians Katy Perry Kim Kardashian kitties Lady Gaga Lindsay Lohan Madonna magazine covers Mariah Carey Miley Cyrus models Obama Olympics Oprah Oscars Real Housewives reality TV Robert Pattinson rugby Ru Paul Russia sports Star Wars Taylor Swift transgender Trump uncut Zac Efron Disclaimers: There is material on this blog that is inappropriate for those under the age of 18. Please let us know if we use your image and you would like it removed.

Parson Street Primary School in Bristol is welcoming the Drag Queen Story Time (DQST) organisation on March 1.

The team of six drag queens in the project have performed to over 2,000 children in the UK during the past eight months.

It confirmed it has communicated information about DQST to the parents of the school prior to the event.

Parson Street Primary School recently won the Gold Best Practice award from LGBT education charity Educate & Celebrate.

But a number of parents expressed concern about who the drag queens are and the age-appropriateness of the reading materials.

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