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After 3 months your spending nearly a grand on a gift?!!! Also, if he has a big wrist could have a factor on how it looks.

For your budget there is a multitude of nice watches out there...

It's a pity you're away already as I was at Paul Sheeran's shop off Grafton Street today and he has a window full of Longines, Raymond Weil and (some) Breitling all discounted.

If you identify the one you want, it might be worthwhile ringing them to see what price they would do for the same model. That is a ridiculous price to pay for a RW quartz.. Much better watch other issues Taste in watches is a very personal thing.

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I understand totally about it might be scaring thing for a bloke but he bought me a beautiful ring and many more plus a very cool trip away for our Valentines so what I'm going to spend on him is not much compare to what he has spent on me.

My pick would be this one as its also 44mm diameter like the RW would easily have this in time for Valentines Looks good for casual and can pull off dress look aswell and is not light or dark faced if you are unsure Thanks, I personally prefer Longines watches for ladies but I know nothing about Men's watches and their preferences.

I bought one for my dad but he doesn't care about fashion as long as its a good, long lasting watch:-).

Great feedback when I asked questions about my repair. Thank you so much for the beautiful repair work on my watch.

It was easy to send and to set up the repair order plus the communication during and after the service was a valuable asset.

The progressively advanced timepieces which were being produced culminated in a challenge posted by inventor Edmond Jaeger to incorporate his new technology into the production of Swiss watches.

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