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Just try not to get on his bad side — he's been known to, um, transform into something a little uglier. He may be a little vanilla, but he's pretty much the cookie-cutter boyfriend that most girls dream about.

You can always count on Matt to be there when you call, and he's also open to threesomes — if you're into that sorta thing.

Stefan is now in a relationship with Elena’s friend Caroline while he joins the hunt for this brother.

NETFLIX RELEASE DATE SCHEDULE 2017Nina Dobrev plays Elena Gilbert from seasons one until six, returning in season eight.

He's fiercely loyal to those that he cares for, and will do anything for the few people he actually trusts.

Just watch out for his doppelgängers — you never know when you might be duped by one of his shadow selves. He's kind of a testosterone-fueled bad boy, but he's also willing to go the distance to protect those he loves.

Throughout the series she becomes entangled in a love triangle with Stefan and his brother Damon, and for a while becomes a vampire herself.

In the season six finale Elena becomes human once again, but is cursed to sleep for decades to save her best friend Bonnie.

Season 7 was made available on the streaming service on December 1, 2016.

Season eight was the final season of the hit supernatural drama.

A spin-off series titled The Originals has aired since 2013 and is currently in its fourth season.

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