Dating a vegetarian


If you really want a pizza with sausage, but your date prefers a pizza with kale, it’s okay to order your own dishes.

But compromise by ordering an appetizer without meat (and dairy, if that’s also an issue).

Pick a place that simply serves great food with options that your date can eat. Stay away from super health-focused establishments on an early date.

Wheatgrass shots do not lead to a great first kiss.

Some cite the health benefits and others are just annoying militants about it, and this is another annoying thing they do.

That’s why we’ve put together this handy list of tips so that meat-eaters and beet-eaters can live in harmony.

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If she tries to make you feel guilty for ordering a burger on your first date, tell her you respect her views but just don’t share them.Stay away from cheaper restaurants that serve several main courses with fake meat.Fake meat is hard to do right—and not all vegetarians like eating it.You’ll have plenty of time to eat healthy together once you know each other a little better.Stick to bars and restaurants that allow both of you to cut the tension with a drink or two.(Or both—a very sexy combination indeed.)Find out what your date likes to eat.

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