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These discussions often turned into arguments and sometimes flat-out fights.Jeremy took issue with my assumptions about Israelis; I couldn’t understand why he seemed to place more emphasis on Israeli lives than Palestinian ones.Knowing I’m traveling to Lebanon in two weeks and will be interacting with people most likely unreceptive to the fact that I have a Jewish boyfriend, my mother has fretted to me quite a bit about this attention.

My father, Terry Anderson, was kidnapped in Lebanon three months before I was born in 1985, by a Shiite militia that would eventually become Hezbollah. Despite everything, what’s always inspired me about my father is that he harbors no bitterness or even real anger for the men who took seven years of his life.

(To be clear, that’s how I feel aswell.) There hasn’t been any reaction from Jeremy’s family, but there’s a good chance they haven’t seen the photo yet.

On the other hand, I’ve been the target of all sorts of aggressive comments on social media, with words like “bitch” and “attention whore” being spat at me; again, sadly, they’ve mostly been people I fundamentally agreewith.

Of course, an overwhelming majority of the rhetoric and social-media chatter around Gaza has been, frankly, disgusting.

One only needs to look at David Sheen’s collection of tweets about Arabs from Israeli teens to realize what happens when young people are raised to hate.

And that is something that does occur on bothsides. We wanted to spread an idea that wouldn’t polarize, something that would be heard not just by the people who agree with us, but by those who don’t.

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