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At the age of ten, he became a member of the quintet The Jackson Brothers, renamed in The Jackson 5 later. Performing in The Jackson 5, the young artist recorded five solo discs at the same studio.When the group decided to leave the label, Michael became the lead soloist for The Jacksons – as their previous name was found to be the intellectual property of the Motown Records by the court.In 1994, the pop-idol married Lisa Marie Presley, daughter of Elvis Presley. The next Jackson's marriage lasted from 1996 to 1999; it resulted in two children, but it finished with the divorce too.In June 1995, the performer issued the collection of best songs History: Past, Present And Future - Book 1 with the sparkling lead single Scream.High Rollers had the lovely Ruta Lee along as co-host, one of the classiest and most beautiful game show models of all time.Two contestants on each episode got to choose from thirty wrapped packages displayed centerstage.For now, he has given more than three hundred million dollars for this purpose. It was greatly anticipated and rumored due to the singer's appearance – his skin became lighter and lighter.

The two got down to the new solo attempt by Jackson immediately.

He came back to The Jacksons for a while, helping his brothers to record the Victory album.

Around the same time, Michael already started to give big sums of money to different charity organizations.

The future King Of Pop was born into a family of many children with African American roots.

Michael showed his musical talent at the early age. Michael's brightness was evident even in the phenomenally popular The Jackson 5, where the boy successfully rivaled his elder brother Jermaine - the lead singer for the band.

On June 25, 2009 the legendary singer, dancer and musician Michael Jackson (aged 50) died.

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