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HP added a thin metal layer inside the keyboard to make it rigid and lap-friendly, something many detachables aren't.It also has a large hinge built into the keyboard, so it can flip over like a convertible if you don't want to detach it, easier for single-handed operation.Grilk said there wasn't much debate — runners should qualify and compete using the same gender, he said, but otherwise they won't be challenged. While the same official also went after male rule-breakers, it still became known as a landmark moment in the fight to include women in sports.That flexibility contrasts with the 1967 case of Kathrine Switzer, who escaped the grasp of a marathon official who found out she entered the race using her initials, K. Questions about how to define and verify gender have rankled officials at the highest level of sport for decades.Alex Keuroghlian, director of education and training programs at the Fenway Institute, a health and advocacy center for the Boston LGBT community."There's no physiologic advantage to being assigned male at birth."Rather, trans women who take medication to lower their testosterone levels often face side effects like dehydration, sluggishness and reduced stamina — which can all spell disaster for marathon training.

Although the stakes are lower for Boston's amateur runners, it can still be a thorny issue.

"I've been a runner since as long as I can remember.

I love running, but I just happen to be transgender."For trans women who do lower their testosterone levels, medical experts say there's no evidence of an athletic advantage."That's a misconception and a myth," said Dr.

Boston is among few marathons where even nonprofessional runners have to meet strict qualifying times based on age and gender, and some runners spend years trying to qualify.

In response to the March blog post, some commenters said transgender women have an unfair physical advantage and shouldn't bump other women from qualifying.

Some simply signed up and ran, while some were too afraid to try, said Amelia Gapin, a transgender woman from Jersey City, New Jersey, who is registered for this year's race."It's kind of murky how people handle it," said Gapin, who also leads a social media group for trans runners.

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