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About 00-1500 worth of stuff even at bargain prices, she probably would have jumped at 0. The Gerstner still contains a lot of what he had in it even though I don't use all of that stuff. Besides, I've got two other tool boxes of his to hold "my" stuff. It functions as well today as the day it was made which was probably in the 1940's. Good enough that they wouldn't let him go to fight in WWII. There were tiny bits he crafted in everything from Redstone to Apollo. So the very few really old heirlooms I have of his were from his work. I went to a garage sale with my wife, asked the lady if she had any tools.

Dad had sold his shop in the mid 70's when he went to work for a larger shop as an executive. Occasionally he'd bring home some little doohickey that had to be scraped because it was a couple thousandths off. As a matter of fact, other than a few books and some tools and some guns, the chest is all I've got. She took me into a back room (her demised husbands SPACE).

I think the ones built in the US are a real work of art.There was a cherry Gerstner machinists box full of Starritt top of the line machinist tools. I just couldn't lie to her, I didn't have the bucks at the time and I had duplicates of all the tools except the box. (Westside Pattern Works) doing most of his work for the aircraft industry.I have Kennedy and Waterloo boxes made in the US and they don't hold a candle to the old Gerstner boxes. Always kick myself for not going to the bank and taking out the money. When he passed I got all the tools he had left which was most of his personal hand tools. It has ten drawers plus the center drawer for the (then)current "Machinery's Handbook". The box has one snap steel closure on each end and two on the front that appear to be probably nickel plated. That is the Gerstner's official Website where I first learned that I needed to send 25 bucks for them to answer the simpliest question. I originally sent Gerstner and Email and when I got no answer I called them. It has a black leather padded handle on the top which opens up and each end is held on by two round headed rivits.It is pretty far down on the priority list for now. And a wooden box protects precision tools from dampness just a little better than a steel box. Both are used now for fly-tying equipment, one by my grandson, and one by myself.

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