Dating gorham silver plate marks

Here is a short list of popular patterns that we have handled through our store.My wife and I visit in excess of 4000 garage sales, estate sales, auctions, and homesteads every year.

The other dealers in our shop know they can use me as a resource for identifying and assisting in valuing their finds.In 1831, Jabez Gorham, in partnership with Henry Webster, founded the silver company that bears his name in his native Providence, Rhode Island.Originally a manufacturer of coin-silver flatware, Gorham soon gained acclaim, selected by Mary Todd Lincoln for the White House in 1859.Lately, they have been bugging me to share my secrets so they can research their items without taking my time, so that is what is prompting this weekly blog.I, like many other people throughout the world, enjoy collecting silver over gold not only because of the considerable difference in cost, but it can be found in so many different forms.I have seen sterling silver in coins, flatware, jewelry, tea sets, platters, trophies, lamps, candelabras, statues, drinking cups, baby rattles, knife rests, and on and on and on!

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