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that hit the humor home, from Jessica Di Cicco in the starring role to Cree Summer's wonderfully deadpan pal Rayna to the recognizable gruffness of Brian Doyle-Murray as her dad.Let's hope the gang from Stickyfeet stays." The Buzz on Maggie received positive reviews from television critics.The Buzz on Maggie was Disney's first series to be fully animated in Adobe Flash, a process done by Bardel Entertainment and Future Thought Productions.The Buzz on Maggie premiered on June 17, 2005 and aired its final episode on May 27, 2006, concluding its only season.During its run, The Buzz on Maggie also received an Annie Award nomination for its character design.brothers Aldrin (David Kaufman) and Pupert (Thom Adcox); and sister Bella (Tara Strong), who is still a maggot.

The series centers on an ambitious and expressive tween fly named Maggie Pesky and her family and friends.The school's staff include the sneaky Principal Peststrip (Jeff Bennett), pompous Mr. More often than not, Maggie learns that it is difficult to negotiate life on her terms without burning bridges." Wasson formed Maggie's character design and supported the use of Adobe Flash for animating the series.He told Animation Magazine that he was convinced Flash was a "good way to go" as he had had previous experience with the program, such as commercials and short films.The 1986 catalog pics show the new Tokai logo, need to determine if this happened earlier than 1986.Important Points Link To US Site designed and maintained by Edward Cullen."Bella Con Carny": Maggie has to spend bonding time with her little sister after her mom is convinced Maggie doesn't spend enough time with Bella."Bugsitting": Maggie has to baby sit, which conflicts with a promise she made to Pupert.

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