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that hit the humor home, from Jessica Di Cicco in the starring role to Cree Summer's wonderfully deadpan pal Rayna to the recognizable gruffness of Brian Doyle-Murray as her dad.

"Ladybugged": When Maggie thinks up a theme for the school dance, it is quickly threatened by a new student, who apparently has a better theme."Funball": Maggie devises a new game for her little brother Pupert to play so he can beat Aldrin at something, but when Aldrin starts to get the hang of the game things take an unexpected turn for the worse."Club Hopping": Maggie joins every club in her school to avoid a math test."Synchronized Flying": Maggie tries everything except the truth to avoid being Rayna's synchronized flying partner."Roach Hotel": Aldrin tries to sabotage the family vacation that was planned by Maggie."It's the voices ...For the character designs, Wasson was heavily influenced by early cartoon shorts by Tex Avery, Warner Bros. He noted that the characters in The Buzz on Maggie have "a lot of 1930s touches" and wear white gloves, which is a direct homage to the cartoon shorts.Jorge Gutierrez supervised the character design and Roman Laney supervised location and prop design in addition to background paint.The series received positive reviews from television critics, many of whom praised its humor, voice acting and writing.

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