Dating methods used on otzi dating between christians and non christians


Some have argued that tattooing may have been some sort of acupuncture.The Iceman carried a range of tools, weapons, and containers.Mosses are not food -- they're not tasty, nor nutritious. Before Otzi died, he had suffered two fairly serious wounds, in addition to a blow to the head.One the deep cut to his right palm and the other was a wound in his left shoulder.He wore a bearskin cap, outer cape, and coat made of woven grass and moccasin-type shoes made from deer and bear leather.

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The Iceman was x-rayed and examined using computed tomography in 2001 and using multi-slice CT in 2005.

These tests revealed that Otzi had had a full meal shortly before his death, suggesting that although he may have been chased through the mountains during the last day of his life, he was able to stop and have a full meal consisting of ibex and deer meat, sloe plums and wheat bread.

In addition, he lived a life that included strenuous walking in high altitudes and suffered from knee pain.

Researchers believe that the Iceman was sitting in a semi-upright position when he died.

Around the time he died, someone pulled the arrow shaft out of Otzi's body, leaving the arrowhead still embedded in his chest.

Blood traces on the stone arrow points he carried with him are from four different people, suggesting he had participated in a fight for his life.

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