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However, now that the consumer is getting more empowered, thanks mainly to a wave of whistler blowers and watchdog accountability organizations, the tables are turning and demand is changing.

Even controversial lobby groups like tobacco, alcohol and firearms industries are finding it hard to penetrate the growing awareness.

Yes, environmentally, people may be the worst thing that happened to the planet, but it is also the best thing that ever happened.

That is because we have an incredible ability to identify with our surroundings and understand implications, both negative and positive to our situations.

Nor do we factor the impact and loss of wildlife, or communities downstream who depend on that water source for their basic needs, or the farmers who require that water source to grow a product your business may come to need.

These are all part of the ecosystem that will return and have an impact on you.

These groups are: Government, Business and Organizations (non-governmental organizations, union lobbyists, hobby circles or even family entities can fall under this category).

This first wave of CSR was mainly pushed by image, as at the time consumer awareness wasn’t high enough to greatly influence demand.Let’s say you are out to survey a new area to gather or extract resources.Chances are that you are going to find your best soluation of true costs (those externalized hidden numbers) by collaborating with surrounding communities that might be affected by your interests.Through collaborative studies, you will determine the true implications of your actions.A good design plan will provide solutions for negative impli-cations before the project begins.Terms like Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) can be quite misleading in their current ‘trend’ of up and coming business practices.

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