Dating someone with no college education


work ethic, career goals, education, ambition, morals, etc.), however, what happens when a man doesn’t meet one of your requirements?Do you quickly throw him to the waste side because he’s lacking in one area?What if he doesn’t have four degrees, but have two?What if his career goals are not to be CEO, but he is content being a senior level manager? What if he has all of the requirements but may be slightly overweight, not that attractive, or non-black?If you love someone, be brave enough to tell them, otherwise, be brave enough to watch them be loved by someone else. You can speed up conversations and better remember your online dating partners. I’m an Ivy League alumni with four degrees and I’m making almost six figures as a 27 year old.You can speed up conversations and better remember your online dating partners. I need someone who will be honest and sincere with me from the beginning.

I have to admit I am a big dreamer and have romantic nature. I like good jokes and laughing, but I can be serious if situation needs it. I am the woman who needs to feel care and love of her man. I met a couple, but they were either into non-black woman, “suspect,” married, or had a girlfriend.I haven’t been in a serious relationship in seven years and it’s starting to bother me.I think if you relax on your expectations that you will meet some really great men, and who knows what they may bring to the table.Yes, you deserve quality, and if they are quality men, then why discount them if he is blue collar worker?I find myself VERY attracted to corporate black men because we share so much in common (e.g.

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