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The concept of being single is not something that needs awareness-raising because contrary to popular belief, it is not an infectious disease or terminal illness. It’s a declaration of: ‘Aww, we know you’re still single. I am entirely fine being single, and I don’t need a day to celebrate it. I never have to worry about upsetting someone because I forgot to reply to a text or haven’t said ‘I love you’ enough.While I may moan about dying alone (because it’s funny), I really, really am okay being single. When I really want to try a new restaurant but it’s too romantic to go alone, for example. Or when it’s my birthday (13 February, if you’re wondering. I’m free to get on with my life and do things that I enjoy. I can do romantic stuff by myself, and it’s brilliant.It's just that the California gurl kinda sorta took a shot at folks in the middle of the country, and their access to pop culture. In case you missed it, today, February 15, is Singles Awareness Day. ET: Us' reporter observed that final three contestants are holding hands on stage. In the end, Ken won by spelling out the words, “Not a participation trophy,” from some tiles that were provided during the obstacle course. Because Gen X-ers tend to criticize millennials for participation trophies? ET: Going into the next challenge, David explained that he had become the biggest target since Jay was gone.

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Read Us Weekly's recap to find out who won and follow all the twists. It guaranteed him immunity at the next Tribal Council. ET: After a season with emotion, romance and even evacuations, Survivor: Millennials vs.

Before the show, Will and Zeke were taking pics backstage. Will Wahl and Sunday Burquest were eliminated in the Wednesday, December 7, episode.

Sunday told Us exclusively that she wasn't pleased with Hannah's strategizing, which led to the youth pastor's ouster.

It is a work of art, but it has no value in this game.” Only then did Jay realize he had been tricked, but as it was occurring to him, Ken played his legacy advantage. Jay had the early lead eventually, but David won in the end, securing the immunity and a steak dinner.

Host Jeff Probst took one look at it and said, “This is not an immunity idol. ET: Everyone else wanted immunity too, of course, so they all headed to a challenge later that day.

"My biggest regret is voting out Zeke at final nine,” the 19-year-old revealed to Us.

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