Dating with the sexual revolution

To be a 'nice girl' was to be looked on as a freak.

The truth was, however, the new permissiveness gave men permission to exploit you.

And, equally important; what is the ongoing effect on the society of today?But this is what the distinguished historian Eric Hobsbawm writes about the shift in standards in his authoritative book, Age Of Extremes: 'The crisis of the family was linked with quite dramatic changes in public standards governing sexual behaviour, partnership and procreation...and the major change is datable and coincides with the Sixties and Seventies.' No wonder the Seventies saw an unprecedented explosion in writing about sex.It was expected; nobody wanted to be called 'uncool' or 'uptight'.People have always had sex before (and illicit sex within) marriage.Oh yes, they were heady days, out of which many good things came.

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