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A Washington Post story on the condition reports that therapists haven’t been swamped with calls from people with the condition.

"Before this happened, people who were anxious about it might have come in to work on their fear of bridges and tunnels because it was an irrational fear," said Jean Ratner, who runs the Center for Travel Anxiety in Bethesda, Md.

That number grew so high, private contractors have now been hired to provide the service. At the Mackinac Straits Bridge in Michigan, a five-mile suspension span that’s the third-longest bridge in the country, about 1,200 people take advantage of a similar, free driving service to cross that bridge.

But last week’s headlines may also be a blessing in disquise for those with gephyrophobia.

A large lotus shape building attracts numbers of visitors from all over the world every day.

As per record, it took almost 13 years to build (1650).

"But with that bridge collapsing, their fears seem justified.

It doesn't seem so irrational anymore." What do you think about gephyrophobia?

Every year number of tourist comes to Delhi, India to see the best places to visit in Delhi.

So, below the list of most visited Delhi places of all time – There is no doubt that Red Fort is the first choice of travelers and the top visited place in Delhi.

I’ve learned a new word this week: gephyrophobia (pronounced JEFF-ri-o-FO-bia). Last week’s bridge collapse has most people a little more on edge when going over a bridge, but for some people it’s been like that for years.

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