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This positive outlook is the motivating factor as he urges you to examine where you are in your life.

Everything is designed to move you forward and keep you forward.

These are the people who deserve to see the real us: our wild self, our kinky self, our unshared ideas, our tender soul.

And by the way, that’s precisely why these are the scariest relationships of all.

Its best strategy is to trick us into fleeing by shouting But if we don’t flee, we may find that the fear passes, and a deeper, more passionate love shows through on the other side. At a certain point, we really start to mean it in our search for a life partner.

Throughout the book are a series of meditations and exercises, many requesting that you have a friend (“Learning Partner”) to help you.

Not problems, but positive attributes.“Through decades of practice as a psychotherapist, and from a lifetime of efforts to understand my own inner workings,” Page writes, “something surprising and inspiring gradually became clear to me: our deepest wounds surround our greatest gifts.”There are two key questions to help you find what your gifts are.

There is a thrilling risk available to us in these relationships — the risk of revealing our authentic self.

If we take that risk with our partners and find that we are accepted and embraced, the erotic and emotional charge of the relationship deepens and intensifies.

Yet they are also the places from which we love most fully.”In a kind voice and with examples from his own and others’ experiences, Page teaches us that the first step to finding a soulful connection with a person who will love us for our essence is to reframe our sources of shame.

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