Devon lgbt dating internet


One escort said he’s recently been contacted by "a lot of trust fund babies and some college students." Many also said they had clients who were celebrities, athletes and politicians.

One said his clients included coaches of college sports teams.

Said to be the first male escort ad-listing website, was founded in 1996.

Though comparable sites have since popped up -- including the similarly named -- Rentboy remains the largest and most popular of its kind.

Banks might be an escort and porn star, but he sure as hell loves to sew.

His passion for silks and skirts brought him to New York City in 2011 in hot pursuit of a career in fashion design.

However, Van Sant said “all types of guys” advertise on the site.

There are, for instance, “escorts in tiny nowheresville,” others who identify as “gay for pay,” and some who are older than one might expect. We're not pimps here, not an agency.” everal rent boys, all of whom make between 0 and 0 an hour escorting, told The Huffington Post they see sex work as a job and not a career.

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On the other hand, Leo Forte, a 29-year-old escort who specializes in S&M, says he attracts mostly gay or bisexual men whose “sexual desires are hidden from the world.” Across the board, rent boys say they’re starting to see a rise in younger clients.

With such a variety of clients seeking companionship, Daniels -- who recently published a tell-all memoir about his experiences as an escort -- said connecting deeply with the men who hire him (and their whims and eccentricities) can make the job "exhausting.” "This is an industry where people want so much of you," he said.

scorts say that establishing and upholding boundaries -- whether physical, sexual or emotional -- is critical for their well-being and success in the industry. Porn mogul Michael Lucas, founder of gay porn company Lucas Entertainment, said that perhaps the "biggest challenge facing escorts is the 24/7 nature of the job." "Most escorts become slaves of their work.

Lewis, who attended Sarah Lawrence College before pursuing a career in ballet, says he never expected to become a sex worker.

But spurred on by a need for quick cash after a dance injury and encouraged by how easy it was to get started, he eventually took the plunge.

(The oldest escort on the site is 64.) The site is free for clients and those who merely want to gawk, and other than a monthly fee -- between and -- that escorts pay to post their ads, doesn’t levy any other charges. “Most people work in the industry so they don’t have to [return to it],” former escort Hawk Kinkaid explained.

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