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I have some young talented friends in the music industry and I take great pleasure in giving them my support.

On this occassion I agreed to give my time to do my thing in a kinky pop music video..if you can spot me.

call out 8 and watch them scuttle into the nearest crevice or under a desk or table.

Curling up into a ball (taking up minimal space) and ordered to stay until you need them for something.

Over April I am looking for a select few playthings for very limited appointments.I recently had the honor and pleasure of being drawn again by the very talented Sardax.If you are not already aware Sardax is probably the most established artist in the Femdom genre and amongst his many acheivements creator of best selling book (Erotic Print Society 2006) he produces regular artwork for many a dominant woman including several of my dearest friend Mistress Sidonia. Take a look at his beautiful artwork on his personal website and details of his new translation of Leopold von Sacher-Mosoch's I recently attended a private fetish party in London.Secure parking, shower facilities, totally private and very close to junction 17 of the M4.Contact me to be considered for my amusement: 07970852852 Spread eagled on back full submissive position.Also a fabulous domestic room with bondage bed, bondage chair, punishment stool etc.

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