Doggie dating site


“And it will make a difference to rescue shelters, because it means that people who have to move out of a house won’t have to give up their dog.” Lort Smith Animal Hospital adoption centre general manager Serena Horg said apartments could be a great home for dogs, but it did take commitment as an owner.“There’s a lot of animals that need a great home, and apartments can be terrific homes for dogs,” Ms Horg said.So we narrowed our search to local shelters and rescue agencies and started “shopping.” Hundreds of pictures of all sorts of dogs came up along with accompanying descriptions.So you’d see an angry-looking pit bull with the comment “not good with young children” or a cute little beagle with the observation “mostly housebroken.” Never having experienced it, this is precisely how I imagine online dating works – pictures of people next to descriptions like “hates watching Monday Night Football” or “leaves the cap off the toothpaste.” This process of online doggy dating quickly became a family affair.A further 10 parties showed interest in the apartments during the weekend’s event.

“A lot of bigger dogs are fine for apartment living, so long as there is someone there to take them for a walk a few times a day,” she said.NOT too long ago, if you saw a puppy looking for a home in a high-rise tower, you’d have figured it was barking up the wrong tree.But with the success of a canine speed-dating event at a South Yarra apartment development, it seems the dog days are over.We’re not allowed (without the bishop’s permission anyway).In honor of the day, here’s the latest installment of my monthly In Good Faith column for the My wife, Bryna, and I missed the whole online dating thing.Yarra One is now 50 per cent sold, with construction slated to commence in the coming weeks, and be completed in mid 2020.

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