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“And it will make a difference to rescue shelters, because it means that people who have to move out of a house won’t have to give up their dog.” Lort Smith Animal Hospital adoption centre general manager Serena Horg said apartments could be a great home for dogs, but it did take commitment as an owner.“There’s a lot of animals that need a great home, and apartments can be terrific homes for dogs,” Ms Horg said.“We told them about the dog wash and they were really keen.“More and more people are living in apartments and developments need to cater more to four-legged friends.” The Pets Haven shelter in Woodend provided the dogs looking for a forever home, including Arya (pictured), a 1-year-old labrador-great-dane cross.The four of us gathered intently around the computer quickly judging the dogs by their covers, or fur in this case. 4, but in many parishes this is merely an excuse to bless pets. Francis would feel about this, but he probably wouldn’t mind.And when we saw the 1-year-old yellow lab/husky mix, we all knew this was the dog for us. Assuming I’d be the one outside yelling her name for the entire neighborhood to hear, I vetoed Zack’s suggestion of Chippy. His concern for all God’s creatures lends itself to the tradition.Yarra One is now 50 per cent sold, with construction slated to commence in the coming weeks, and be completed in mid 2020.

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So long as the apartments are near a park, she’ll be fine.After filling out an amazingly detailed application, we went to meet her and fell in love. We found out from her handler that she was saved from a kill shelter in South Carolina – literally a “dead dog walking” until Pet Rescue stepped in to live up to its name. In early October many Christian churches honor the little-known St. And it could be worse: at least his statues aren’t buried upside down to facilitate a house sale, ala St. Most pet blessings incorporate a wonderful blend of holy chaos – yelping dogs, skittish cats, hissing snakes.Precisely how I envision the hold on Noah’s ark, except with vestments. Francis Day pet blessings provide profound testimony to the value we place upon the animals with whom we share our homes.The development by Eco World will feature its own dog wash in its basement, with pet owners being encouraged to buy into the development.Marketing and sales manager Katrina Leong said 30 of the buyers at the development so far were dog owners.“For someone to have a dog in an apartment, you need to be committed to being there every eight hours so it can get out to go to the bathroom.

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