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Loring knows of no way to distinguish the briar source when looking at either Hardcastle, Parker, or Parker-Hardcastle pipes.And that aside from a very few Parkers from the 1950s and before, and a few ODA shapes, we should not expect to find any actual Dunhill production in these lines.It is evident through the Dunhill factory stamp logs that Parker and Dunhill were closely linked at the factory level through the 1950s, yet it was much more than a few minor flaws that distinguishing the two brands.Most Dunhill "failings" would have been graded out after the bowl turning process exposed unacceptable flaws.This was prior to stoving, curing, carving, bit work and finishing.In others words, very few Parkers would be subjected to the same rigorous processes and care as pipes destined to become Dunhills. It’s been ten years and it’s time, time to find The One.

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Parker was not a government approved pipe manufacturer, while Dunhill and Hardcastle were.

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While the timing and exact nature of the early relationship remains a bit of mystery, Parker was destined to eventually merge with Hardcastle when in 1935 Dunhill opened a new pipe factory next door to Hardcastle, and purchased 49% of the company shares in 1936.

In 1946, the remaining shares of Hardcastle were obtained, but it was not until 1967 when Parker-Hardcastle Limited was formed.

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