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Johannesburg's population grew from about 2000 in 1885 to 100 000 in 1895.

When further prospecting was unsuccessful, the company sold the ground for townships.

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Even then the country remained very sparsely settled until the British annexations of Natal in 1843 and of Transorangia in 1848 sent further waves of trekkers across the Vaal.

Among them was Gerrit Bezuidenhout (1822-1876), originally from the Beaufort District, who in 1851 applied for and in 1858 was granted title to the farm Braamfontein. Bezuidenhout subdivided the farm into three parts of about 500 morgen each.

A few years later Louw Geldenhuys, Dirk's brother, (the sons appear to have acted as agents for their father, Lourens) sold the eastern portion to the Braamfontein Estate Company for 300 000 Pounds.

The buyer was Lippert, who had paid for a share of the company with his Sachsenwald.

The wheeling and dealing in property and its escalation in value was typical of goldrush growth.

Sharing that is so huge, and something a lot of city folks are too selfish, neurotic, or scared to do.

One of the many guys with the word "cowboy" in his handle — a handsome guy my age — wrote, "I hold a strong value in treating everyone with respect and dignity; never afraid to show my soft side.

Northwest the rectangular streets and avenues of Linden stand out.

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