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I’ll visit as many Pride events around Europe as time and finances permit.As well as being a mascot for superhero fetish, I will continue to champion the values I mentioned above.) to test our resilience (I passed that test, as the spanker’s hand gave out before I did), and saying a few words about ourselves.It was nice that the judges appreciated the serious side of what I said – championing diversity in all its meanings, and defending truth and justice in a post-truth era.The fetish side of things was thus pretty much put on hold, as I am not one for mixing business and pleasure (though I have to say being Captain Europe was great fun).Last year I retired from public appearances; there is now a new, It came to my attention via social media and I thought, yeah, why not?

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The rest of the weekend – I was at the Pride on the Friday and the Sunday, as I had long-standing social and family engagements on the Saturday – was more relaxed.

Perhaps the title will get the scene some publicity, get us to critical mass and cause the scene to grow. In real life, however, I am more like Peter Parker than Bruce Wayne.

Like Peter in Spider-Man 2, I used to deliver pizzas for a living; I have a motorbike (just the one), not a fleet of classic/exotic cars; and I live in a modest (albeit more comfortable than Peter’s) upstairs flat, not a mansion with a well-equipped cellar. As it turned out, my father and uncle were avid collectors of Captain America, The Avengers, Tales of the Teen Titans, and of course the Crisis on Infinite Earths storylines.

Even before I learned to read, I devoured the artwork of these comics: the dramatic poses, and the expressive faces of anguish, despair, joy and heroism.

These were the comics I would learn to read from and I never went anywhere without a copy from my dad’s collection.

Other than that, as I say, the fetish aspect has been on hold for a while – I’ll see what next year brings., and there is even a Captain Britain, though he seems to be resting at the moment.

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