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My boss stuck his head in the door about ten minutes before I was due to go to lunch.“Charlie, we’ve got major problems down the hall here.As long as you promise not to go any further than you did last night until I get home I’m happy.” “You sound almost as disappointed as me.” “Honey I had a ball last night and I can’t wait to do it again and see where this is going to go. So with a sigh I got up and went down the hall to see what kind of mess they had cooked up for me this time.

At least I wasn’t trying to bleed my employer dry to finance my particular little fetish.

Second, being audited first meant that I could spend the rest of the day doing the bare minimum of work as the bosses would be concentrating on the problems and they’d be to busy kissing ass to be bothered following up what I was doing.

This meant I had time to think about the dares and where they could go. Knowing that Ella had been talking to Mike was getting me very excited.

Thinking about last night got me rather excited and I was all of a sudden lacking room in my pants.

This wasn’t helped by the vibration of the road and the fact that I just couldn’t seem to avoid giving my cock a quick rub every now and again.

Once we had finished with the debriefing meeting, telling us what we already knew, I finally got to go to my office. This means that they get to concentrate on the morons and thieves with as much time as they can.

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