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Its current look provides a modern and sleek face to the world of furries.In the past, users of Fur Fling complained that the membership base was too small.For the first few years of its existence, it never surpassed a membership base larger than 50,000.Currently, as of early 2018, its membership base can still be considered small. Another area of complaint from users of Fur Fling in its early years had to do with its use of aggressive tactics to get users to become paid members.

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As our testers evaluated the site, those two key sticking points were well embedded in their minds.

However, when making heads or tails (be they “fuzzy” tails) of what type of membership gives you access to which features, it can lead to moments of frustration.

The significant portion of the confusion comes from the way that Fur Fling handles the access to their messaging platform.

However, if a gold member sends the message, they can reply.

Again, this is not complicated, it is just not explained in a timely manner to users. As far as what users get from the two paid membership packages, silver and gold memberships are practically identical.

Unfortunately, Fur Fling does not inform its users as to how they cap these outgoing messages.

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