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One tester was able to send out over 50 messages over a three-day period and was never capped.

The other two testers were capped at 15 and 30 messages respectively. No matter what’s behind it, this lack of consistency is not good.

Fur Fling only offers paid memberships in three and six-month increments.

A three-month silver membership costs , for gold it is .

More confusion is thrown into the mix when free users find themselves at times being able to respond to a message that they received from another member, while at other times they cannot.

It takes a while to deduce that free members are not normally allowed to reply to a message.

In our opinion, the feature set offered by Fur Fling parallel its design. One thing that our testers found confusing and irritating about Fur Fling is the way that it fails to properly explain the differences in their service packages.

Fur Fling has a free membership as well as two tiers of paid memberships. It is understandable that a dating site needs to monetize.

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The 3-day trial will cost you for the Silver package and for the Gold package.Always eager to dive into the world of furry action, we had our testers evaluate the site and wrote up a review of Fur Fling.So, before you dust off that fuzzy tail, before you send your furry suit to the cleaners, check out our review and discover what Fur Fling really has to offer. Furry love — no, we’re not talking about those with a hirsute fetish — we’re talking about “furries.” If you are into the fuzzy side of cosplay, you know what we are talking about.However, when making heads or tails (be they “fuzzy” tails) of what type of membership gives you access to which features, it can lead to moments of frustration.The significant portion of the confusion comes from the way that Fur Fling handles the access to their messaging platform.Final Word on Fur Fling While it is possible to meet like-minded furries on Fur Fling, it is terribly prone to being a hit or miss affair. If you are a furry, you are probably also aware of how finding like-minded people is not always an easy task.

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