Free unrated sex date lines

Eighteen year old Ian finally gets the opportunity to lose his virginity when a woman he meets on-line offers to have sex with him if he drives to Knoxville to meet her.

Accompanied by friends Lance and Felicia, whom Ian has a thing for, but she in turn has a thing for Lance, take off on a road trip in Ian's brother, Rex's beloved 1969 GTO -- without permission of course.

This seems to be the prerequisite mental state for proper enjoyment of Sex Drive. As the film opens, 18 year-old virgin Ian Lafferty (Josh Zuckerman) is chatting online with "Ms. Naturally, he falsifies some pertinent information, claiming to be a weight-lifting, '69 Pontiac GTO-driving football player.

In reality, the car belongs to Ian's ultra-macho older brother Rex (James Marsden), who's convinced his little bro has "gone gay." When Ms.

Felicia has a minor crush on Lance, but he won't "tap that" because he lives by a bros before hoes code, and refuses to go behind his friend's back.

Of course, the three friends are actually embroiled in an obtuse love triangle.No one assumes the latest lewd, teenage farce will have Fellini-like layers of erotic subtlety.So, let's all take a moment to collectively lower our expectations and brain capacities. Now, with a governor regulating our cranial engines, we should all titter and giggle like third-graders at the mere sight of a nipple-slip.In an introduction to the unrated version, director Sean Anders and writer John Morris promise "more titsbare tits," and they certainly deliver.Periodically, every few scenes or so, naked chicks are digitally inserted into the film like lusty non-sequiturs.[Intro: Pharrell & Robin Thicke] Everybody get up, WOO!

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