George michael dating anyone


He Lost His First Serious Partner to HIV Anselmo Feleppa started a relationship with Michael in 1993; six months later, Feleppa learned he was HIV-positive, and he died later that year of complications from the illness.

The two were together for eight years before splitting in 2009. "Someone to hold you when you absolutely see no point to anything." Michael Had Big Plans for 2017 Michael had recently been writing songs and was planning for a documentary about his life to come out in 2017.

He spent the last few years of his life in private, but he remained a generous philanthropist, even though his gifts didn't always make headlines.

Heart failure killed George Michael, 53, on Christmas 2016.

“It almost didn’t seem like a duo,” former MTV VJ Alan Hunter said of the group.

“We couldn't quite understand what [fellow member Andrew Ridgeley’s] contribution was.” He Wanted to Be Seen as a Serious Artist Despite His Sexy Image Michael admitted in a previous interview that he was constantly battling being a “massive star" along with being a closeted gay man.

I was such a virgin," Shields said, laughing because she didn’t know he was gay.

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