Gridview rowupdating in asp net using c christian dating pdf


It might be nice to combine them into a single column, instead. We can either add a new Template Field, add to it the needed markup and data-binding syntax, and then delete the Bound Fields named First Name and Last Name, or we can convert the Bound Fields named First Name into a Template Field, edit the Template Field to include the Last Name value, and then remove the Bound Field named Last Name.

This is because converting the Bound Field into a Template Field creates a Template Field that maintains the look and feel of the Bound Field.The benefit is that we'll need to do less work with the Template Field, as the conversion process will have performed some of the work for us.To convert an existing Bound Field into a Template Field, click on the Edit Columns link from the Grid View's smart tag, which brings up the Fields dialog box.To accommodate this level of flexibility, the Grid View offers the Template Field, which renders using a template.A template can include a mix of static HTML, Web controls, and data-binding syntax.For this report, let's not bother with displaying the Employee ID, Reports To, or Country property.

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