Gridview rowupdating in asp net using c

What if a particular field must display some text, a check box, and an image, all based upon different data-field values?

Therefore, let's start this tutorial by adding a Grid View to the page through the Designer and binding it to an Object Data Source that returns the list of employees.For this tutorial, we will use Template Fields to customize the appearance of a list of employees.Specifically, we'll list all of the employees, but will display the employee's first and last names in one column, their hire dates in a Calendar control, and a status column that indicates how many days they've been employed at the company. Three Template Fields are used to customize the display.These steps will create a Grid View with a Bound Field for each of the employee fields.Open the Grid View Template page, and drag a Grid View from the Toolbox onto the Designer.Furthermore, the Bound Field limits its display to a single data field.

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