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“Jane Hatheway from ‘The Beverly Hillbillies’ in the ‘50s sort of set the stereotype of birders as sort-of nerdy, odd people.

“But the main point is that they (Hollywood) know we exist, and the book does a lot better with the Valley than the movie.” Although the Valley was not more prominent in the movie, other places in the country could also complain, Fuller said.

“The Everglades were probably also upset that they were not in the movie more,” Fuller said. but the Tamaulipas crow has been out of the Valley now for — I don’t know — six years or something.” The movie was adapted from the book of the same name written by Mark Obmascik, who chronicled three birders’ record-breaking birding pursuits in 1998.

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"Space Padre Island" ™ will soon be the best and closest public viewing area for the projected monthly rocket launches of Space X Brownsville rockets and spacecraft at Boca Chica by 2018.

The photo was taken by Cam Shaw, a resident of Tofino who was watching filming of the movie.

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