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Where to stay in Los Angeles Manhattan Beach is ideal for families with young children.It's close to the airport and South Bay beaches, and about an hour's drive to Disneyland or Universal Studios. is the place to stay if you love the nightlife (and day life).Inside the observatory are a planetarium, telescopes and fascinating exhibits.Outside are great views of Los Angeles, hiking trails through Griffith Park, and close proximity to another very beloved, visible landmark: the Hollywood sign.Some younger pets are not ready to be left alone, making the Petsmart Pet Hotel ideal for many different situations.The care and attention provided at Petsmart Hotel is perfect for anyone who wants to ensure their pets get plenty of time and attention while they are away.

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Cats can enjoy furnished areas with a TV for them to zone into.

Most vacationers have gone home, and the weather is still very warm and sunny.

The worst time to go is during peak tourist season in August, or, if you're staying near the beach, in late spring, when low clouds often create "June gloom" that lasts all day.

In Addition, all kitty cottages include plenty of TLC time The next level I accommodation for dogs, these rooms are of an amazing standard.

The rooms have plenty of space along with lots of furnisher that is perfect for a dog, such as comfy bed, a special cot and even a TV with perfectly suited shows for dogs to tune into.

Must see in Los Angeles Whether or not you're a film buff, a trip to Hollywood (from Hollywood Boulevard to the Sunset Strip) will probably be an unforgettable experience.

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