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Everything is expensive in Singapore, especially housing.Since it’s such a small country, apartments and hotels are quite expensive.Duty Free – Every time you come into Singapore from abroad (except from Malaysia, nothing is allowed) you bring booze from Duty Free.This will save you lots of money over the store price and enormous amounts over the bar price.'I feel badly for the families who are never going to know.Singapore, a tiny nation-state at the southern tip of Malaysia, is really on the rise these days.A haven for big banking and other big money businesses it is quickly, along with Hong Kong, turning into the economic powerhouse of Southeast Asia.

[When he talks to the authorities about the abuse] his numbers go from one to three or four to "a lot" to maybe over a hundred.'I think it's fair to speculate that he's been doing this all the time, when he's able and had the opportunity.'Police examined Douglas' activities after he was convicted of abusing Range's corpse last year.That’s good, because I always bring a flask or water bottle filled with vodka or some other high proof spirit with me to the club and then add that to ice or my rare purchased drink. Happy Hours – Singapore has some pretty good deals (by Singapore standards) for happy hour, like buy one get one drinks, cheap jugs of beer, etc.When possible do your drinking there and then have a chick over for the real party at your place in lieu of going out. Chinatown, Food courts, and Hawker Stalls – For food, this is the way to go.But he now faces two identical charges after forensic experts in Hamilton County, Indiana analysed evidence from two women who were murdered in 1991.Police believe the number of bodies he abused could be more than a hundred, though he claims to not remember any identities. I'm certain of it,' Hamilton County Prosecutor Joe Deters said.'This guy's just a pig.But only advances in DNA over the last 18 years linked Douglas to the crimes.

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