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Neither Mc Kay nor Polian believes the Vikings-Saints game had much of a role in the vote to modify the rule. “One of the teams that voted against was in the game and, last I checked, I don’t think they won.” Mc Kay and Tennessee Titans coach Jeff Fisher, the other competition committee co-chairman, said coaches quickly began favoring the change once they learned the details.It became such an important issue that the owners’ vote was taken one day earlier than expected.

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If the team winning the toss immediately scores a touchdown, however, the game is over.

Overall, the team that correctly called the coin toss won overtime games nearly 60 percent of the time in the last 15 years, or since kickoffs were moved back 5 yards to the 30.

Minnesota lost last season’s NFL championship game in overtime to New Orleans.

Several owners expressed interest in further discussions at their May meetings in Dallas.

“Our thought is to take our time and study it a bit and make sure everyone understands the implications there would be for that,” Mc Kay said.

NFL changes overtime for playoff games ORLANDO, Fla.

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