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I think it’s highly entertaining, but I was so happy that he got to make the film that he wanted to make. I was really happy and surprised by that, and I think we all hoped it would be a good film, but you never know.

I think he just got the best out of the actors and out of the script.

Over the past few years, Paul Dano has established himself as one of the best actors of his generation and someone that can morph into any role.

While most people will immediately remember his work in Paul Thomas Anderson’s , respectively, and he delivers some of his best work in both films.

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You couldn’t come at it judging it, and I think the way he presented it is really the smartest and best way to tell that story, and not to Hollywood-ize it, as you said. In all seriousness man, I’m a huge fan of your work. I think someone wrote an article online about this, so I think that’s why I got a lot of people on Twitter are tweeting me. Although it hasn’t been screened yet, I’m also very excited about Love & Mercy. DANO: Yeah, we did that this summer, and it’s some of the most fun I’ve ever had.

I think Steve wanted me to do the part, and so we talked on the phone.

Then, when he came through New York, I think we got some Chinese Food in Chinatown, and then just took a 2-hour walk and talked about the film, and talked about movies. And I think we met up again shortly after that, because we were gonna get together just to get to know each other.

Last week I landed an exclusive interview with Dano. Getting to go see both of these films – when I saw Prisoners, I was totally blown away by what Denis [Villeneuve] did with the film – and that Warner Bros. Because, I think it’s a pretty serious piece of filmmaking.

He talked about how 2013 has been a very good year, working with Villeneuve, Hugh Jackman and Roger Deakins on Collider: 2013 has to have been a pretty good year for you, especially with two big movies. PAUL DANO: It turned out to be a really wonderful year, because honestly, I try to leave my work at the door when I leave the set. It’s rigorous and intense, and two and a half hours as well.

And 12 Years A Slave was something that, there’s a lot of influential actors, and everybody wanted to be there and be a part of that film. It’s something that I think, at least here in the United States, in history class, you sort of skip over a lot of the details.

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